Monthly Fuel Efficiency in New Vehicles

One of the biggest changes to new vehicle development in recent years has been the regulation of social policy matters such as safety, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. While strides have been made with regards to safety and Criteria Air Contaminants (CAC) in light duty vehicles, greenhouse gas emission, due to it being tied with the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, is a target that can continuously be improved upon.

By law, CAFE standards have to be achievable so the tracking of this progress towards a more fuel efficient fleet is crucial for both the industry and the government. With the aid of new data and a new methodology we have developed the DesRosiers Average Rated Fuel Consumption Index (DARFCI) to track the average rated fuel consumption of new light vehicles sold each month.

In this month’s Observations we will discuss the methodology of the DARFCI and analysis of the data used. Topics include fuel efficiency over the years, the seasonality of fuel efficiency and the change in fuel efficiency based on vehicle segments.


For more information on the DesRosiers Average Rated Fuel Consumption Index (DARFCI) please contact Martin Stanczak at 905-881-0400 ext. 27 (

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