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Observations June 15

A Tale of Two Industries – Part Two In this continuation of our look at the disparity between the positive North American light vehicle sales market and the troubled Canadian automotive manufacturing sector we delve deeper into the receding employment levels observed in Canada’s vehicle assembly, parts and MTDM (Machine, Tool, Die and Mould) sectors. […]

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Observations May 15

A Tale of Two Industries – Part One An analysis of the automotive sector in Canada reveals a sharp disparity of fortunes depending on where one stands in the industry.  From a sales perspective Canada is in its prime.  Sales records are falling and the outlook for the coming year looks strong. However, from a […]

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Medium & Heavy Truck sales patterns diverge in Canada and US in Q1

U.S. medium and heavy duty truck sales from reporting companies were up 11.9 percent year-over-year (82,186 units sold in Q1 2014 vs. 73,433 units sold in Q1 2013). Canadian retail sales were down 1.3 percent year-over-year (8,394 units in Q1 2014 vs. 8,507 units in Q1 2013) Close to 70 percent of Q1 sales in […]

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Canadian Sales May 2014

We at DAC had a number of concerns regarding the market for May. We have stuck our neck out predicting higher sales this year even though there were all-time record sales in 2013. The critical month for this to happen was always going to be May although the late fall will also be important. Since […]

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