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First Quarter Sales Trends 2014

So far 2014 has seen what appear to be some difficult trends in light vehicle sales across the country:  Six of Canada’s ten Provinces have seen sales fall in 2014 Six of Canada’s top 10 selling passenger cars have experienced sales declines in 2014 The best selling light vehicle in Canada is down more than […]

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Observations April 2014

Canada IS different than the U.S. The standard measure we hear all the time in Canada – U.S. comparisons is the “one in ten” formula. General perception of Canada as it relates to the U.S. is that it is simply the smaller neighbour from the north. This casual point of view unfortunately does not take […]

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Canadian Sales March 2014

New light vehicle sales came in at 157,060 units, up 0.2 percent from a year ago March and the second best March on record (2012 was the record year).   Now being up by a sliver isn’t shooting the lights out but when put in the context of a “never ending” winter and strong year ago […]

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