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Observations January 2014

Automotive sector employment mixed in 2013 Overall automotive sector employment was stable at 853.1 thousand workers in 2013. This represents a minor drop (-0.1 percent) over 2012’s figure of 853.8 thousand workers. While the total employment figure was stable between 2012 and 2013, there were wide variations within the sub-sectors of the automotive industry. Motor […]

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December Observations 2013

Records, Records and Even More Records 2013 was a record year for light vehicle sales in Canada. With 1,743,112 light vehicles sold this past year Canada has exceeded the previous record of 1,703,246 set in 2002. In this month’s Observations we take a closer look at the segments and brands that have been key players […]

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Canadian Sales December 2013

A new record!  It took more than a decade but finally the previous high of 2002 has been eclipsed.  Shrugging off record debt levels and a lukewarm economic recovery, Canadian consumers purchased 1,743,112 new light vehicles in 2013, after a soft landing to the year in December. December is always an unpredictable month as consumers […]

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November Observations 2013

Dealership Economics There have been many discussions of the fundamental drivers of franchised new vehicle dealership economics. This month’s Observations takes a closer look at the two different business units at the dealership level: The commodity aspect of selling and financing new and used vehicles and the “annuity” portion that relates to the parts, service […]

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Canadian Sales November 2013

The automotive industry in Canada continues to roar ahead with a 6th consecutive monthly record.  Sales of 133,860 units were up 6.5 percent from 2012, and 3,761 units above the previous record November   (130,099 units) set in 2001. The SAAR for November reached 1.8 million and was the second highest in 2013. The 2013 YTD […]

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