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Light vehicle sales in September reached near record levels, just slightly under the previous high achieved in 2000. Last month, Canadians bought 143,143 light vehicles while in September 2000 Canadians bought 143,368 units. This is very important because September is the start of the fall/winter selling season which normally softens each month starting in September, […]

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Great but not spectacular is a good way to describe light vehicle sales in August. The market was up 6.4 percent for the month and is up 6.7 percent year to date, so August tracked exactly at the market trend for the year. This level of sales means that on a seasonally adjusted annual basis, […]

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Observations- September 2012

Ten months into a good year for Canadian vehicle sales, now is a great time to examine the North American auto industry as a whole and think ahead several years to where this business may find itself by mid-decade and beyond. In this month’s Observations column, we discuss the North American auto industry’s future in […]

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Observations- August 2012

With labour negotiations now underway between the CAW and the Detroit Three automakers, the time is ripe for an examination of the factors affecting each side’s bargaining position. In this month’s Observations column, Dennis discusses the labour talks in the context of issues such as worker demographics, the value of the Canadian dollar, the nature […]

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