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Canadian Sales – February 2012

Following is my monthly analysis of light vehicle sales. I’ve done these for decades and enjoy writing up something each month but everyone also needs to know that there are a lot of issues with comparing monthly sales with same month year ago sales. Some include: 1. gaming of the numbers to show positive results […]

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‘Observations’ March 2012 – Importance of Vehicle Mix to Market Share of any OEM

“The Importance of Vehicle Mix to Market Share of any OEM” ‘Observations’ by Dennis DesRosiers this month features a discussion about segmentation shifts that could dramatically impact the market share of ANY particular OEM dealer this year. “Every month the industry dissects vehicle sales and analysts like ourselves talk about winners and losers in the […]

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Average Vehicle Pricing

Consumers spend a great deal of money every year on new vehicle purchases, but the values of deals transacted by consumers rarely correspond to the suggested prices each manufacturer assigns to its vehicles. In his latest dispatch, Dennis gives a thorough discussion of short and long term trends in actual transaction prices. Focusing on changes […]

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