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Market Outlook

Almost every month during the last couple of years has set a record of some sort. Two questions come to mind when looking back at our industry’s recent history: First, what caused this? Secondly and perhaps more importantly, can it continue? In this month’s Observations we will look at the current phenomenon of record new […]

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Jobs, jobs, jobs! Employment in the Automotive Sector in 2015

In discussing jobs and the creation of jobs with regards to the automotive industry, one must first understand that the automotive sector consists of more than just manufacturing jobs. Automotive repair and maintenance and the retail side of vehicles (both car dealers and head office distributors) are two facets of the industry that also hire […]

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The Wrong Target

The Wrong Target A brief review of the breakdown of the 1.9 million new vehicles purchased in Canada in 2015 shows the ultimate power of the consumer in the automotive market. While vehicle companies have improved the fuel efficiency of vehicles in recent years to meet new standards, Canadians have increasingly chosen larger, more powerful […]

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Some Thoughts On Segmentation

As new segments are created to accommodate the glut of new models entering the automotive marketplace the differentiation between our classical definitions of passenger car and light truck becomes less clear over time. With companies continuing to consolidate their engineering platforms in favour of cost reduction the question of segmentations and what are the factors […]

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TPP – Implications for the Canadian Auto sector

Free trade agreements have always been an area of controversy.  While such agreements may offer potential benefits, some individual sectors can suffer.  As the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement moves towards becoming a reality it is important to get a better understanding of the implications for the automotive sector in Canada. In this month’s Observations we […]

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